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Router Table

                            My design will be fairly familiar to most of you - the only thing that looks different is the fence and dust collection system.  The router
                            is a ripper old Hitachi TR-12, 2.5 Hp and plenty of grunt.  My dust collection is through 100mm sewer pipe.  Works its ass off. 
                            Read about my thoughts on dust collection in thoughts.

                                    Perspex base plate        Jet Switch mechanism         Jet Switch mechanism  


                            Dust extraction poly pipe        Dust extraction poly pipe        Trusty old TR-12   


                            Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed in pictures 3 &4 the switch mechanism is in fact a jet mechanism.  Bought this for $50
                            and was something at the time I thought was expensive - but in retrospect it was money well spent.  It's much safer, I can turn it off in a
                            hurry without reaching underneath the router table - that just has to be safer.  Made it myself out of a piece of ring gidgee - a very hard
                            Australian Native hardwood (actually the hardest!) and a die cast box to keep it all together.